From the Pastor’s Pen 7/18/20

Good evening family,

I pray you are well. A reminder to join us for worship tomorrow at 9:45 on Zoom and 10 am on FB Live.

Here is our Sunday Schedule:

Mens Fellowship 7/25. Our Mens Fellowship make up session is on Saturday July 25 from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm. Our facilitator will be Pastor Tony Phillips from Blessed Deliverance.

New Members and Pastor 7/24. I will be meeting with the new members who have not completed their foundations course on Friday 7/24 at 4 pm.

Vacation Bible School. We are planning on having our Vacation Bible School during the week of August 3rd or August 10th. Stay tuned for more details; we will discuss during our church-wide chat tomorrow.

Pandemic and Protest Sermon Series

I pray you are following along the journey from the Valley to the Victory as we walk through the Book of Joshua and the challenges of intergenerational leadership. We are in Chapter 2 on the Seeds of Civil Disobedience.

7/12/20 – Complicit, Complacent or Committed. Last week, we looked at Rahab and the two (male) spies in Joshua 2:4-7. How would Rahab respond to King’s request to turn the spies over? How would she respond to God’s direction. Would she be complicit, complacent or committed?

A Choice to Make. On our life’s journey, God provides direction and then we have to choose if and how we will follow. The sister, Rahab, was confronted with the call of the King to turn the men. She had to choose whether she would follow man or follow God.

Risking Her Life. The choice was not a light choice. Her life was at risk. Her life would have always been at risk for defying the king but even moreso now. In the eyes of man, she was a “nobody.” She was a woman, which means she was of low status. And, she was a prostitution which means she was even lower. But, for all of us, God has said we are fearfully and wonderfully made…in his likeness and in his image. Rahab would make a difference for God.

The Righteous Choice. She is committed. Praise be to God. Rahab is committed to the charge that is before her. She knew they were God’s ambassadors. She was responding to the power of God and the reputation of God that proceeded these men. And, she made the righteous choice.

7-19-20 – The Cause of Her Commitment. Why was Rahab so committed? Why would this woman, who doesn’t even serve the God of Israel, risk her very life to follow God’s direction? We will explore this question in this Sunday’s sermon as we learn about God’s power, God’s reputation and God’s promise!

See you soon! In love,


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