from the Pastor’s Pen 7/24/20 Weekend

Progressive family,

I pray you are well.  This is an update as we move forward during the week.

Last Week’s Sermon Summary | The Cause of Her Commitment: God’s Power and Presence (Joshua 2:1-11). In Joshua 4-7, we see that Rahab made a commitment and risked her life to save the spies sent by Joshua—the men of God on a mission.  These were not her people and this was not her God.  What was the cause of her commitment?  Why did she engage in an act of civil disobedience against her king? 

She knew.  We see in verse 8-11, that Rahab knew of the power, presence and reputation of our God.  Re-read those verses.  God had gone before these men of God and had an impact on the courage of an entire people.  Rahab and all of her people were trembling in fear at the reputation of our God. Their courage was gone. God precedes us in battle.  If our enemies can be so moved by the power, presence and reputation of our God, let us be sure to act accordingly when God gives us direction.  Let us be, as God told Joshua, strong and courageous and claim territory for the Lord.  Believe in God’s power, God’s power and God’s presence. 

A. Weekend Activities ( or call (312) 626-6799 ID: 455 529 9334)

  • Saturday 11 am. Mens Fellowship Session with Rev. Tony Phillips
  • Saturday 5 pm. Adult “Saturday” School
  • Sunday 6 pm. Youth Sunday School
  • Sunday 7 pm. Church Wide Chat

B. Sunday Worship 10 am (| Call (312) 626-6799 ID 970 237 82283#)

C. Vacation Bible School | Champions in Life: Ready, Set Go with God.  We plan to have Vacation Bible School during the week of August 10 – August 14 from 6:00 – 7:30 pm. Please contact Sis. Donece Lewis to register at 414.469.0335 or We will have classes for youth and adults.

D. Voting Progressive is working in community to increase voter participation.  I am looking for ten (10) members to help encourage voter participation for our August 11th primary and the presidential election on November 3rd.  Email me or text me to participate (414) 690-2520/

Love you all,


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