Pastor’s Pen 3-11-23

Good afternoon family,

I pray you are well.  Here is a reminder of some of our upcoming events on our calendar:


Midweek Message. As always, our Wednesday Measage is on Zoom and Facebook at 12 pm noon.

Lenten Bible Study. Wednesday Bible Study is from 5:30-6:30 pm. You can join us live in the sanctuary or on zoom. 

Lent Worship at Calvary Baptist Church. We continue our joint fellowship and worship with 6 other churches. I will be the preacher this Wednesday at Calvary Baptist Church at 2959 N. Teutonia Avenue from 7-8 pm.

Church-wide chat – Sunday at 6:30 pm

We will have Churchwide Chat on Sunday evening at 6:30 pm. A draft agenda is below:

1. Devotional and Sunday Questions

2. Lent Schedule

— Bible Study

— Preaching and Worship

— Holy Week Lament Service — Holy Week Good Friday

3. Masks Policy

4. Sunday Funny

5. Resurrection Sunday – Adapting to Change Returning to Church


Sunday Devotional Questions

  • What is almsgiving? What are the various resources God has given us? How can we use what God has given us to be a blessing to others?
  • Discuss how almsgiving, discipleship, and stewardship relate to one another.
  • What lessons can be learned from Jesus in Luke 14:25-33
  • What is the importance of stewardship in Progressive? Do we have a committee? Are our resources used adequately for church and community?
  • What’s thew churches view on financial giving? What do we teach on tithing? What’s your view on tithing?
  • What does our budget say about what is important?
  • What is the role of the local church in economic empowerment of church and community?
  • What value might there be in organizing a stewardship committee to education the congregation about money management, investing, charities, and consumer issues?
Visiting Congresswoman Gwen Moore about community healthcare.

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