Progressive Quick Updates 10-29-22


A few quick updates:

Our Saturday adult Christian education class is every Saturday at 5 PM and has just begun. Please hop on the zoom line to join in.

No Churchwide Chat tomorrow. 

We will not have churchwide chat tomorrow and will resume in November on every second and fourth Sunday. Our next churchwide chat will be on Sunday, November 13.

Tomorrow, our Souls to the Polls bus will pick us up at approximately 11:45 AM to go to the Midtown Meet Up and and early vote. Join us as the faith community shows up and shows out in it’s civic engagement duty and process. Your Vote. Your Voice. Your Power!

Vaccine Clinic

We will have our next vaccine clinic on November 11 from 2 until 6 PM at Progressive we are, as always, encouraging all to participate including those who still need to get their children vaccinated. Contact the office for any questions or concerns.

As always, in love and service,


Enjoy this video: Waiting by Brian Courtney Wilson

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