Brief Pastoral Updates 8/6/22


I pray you are well and experiencing the presence and peace of the Lord today. We continue to join all of our grieving families in prayer today; many have experienced loss.  Sister Diane McSwain‘s funeral will be at aggressive on Monday, August 8. The viewing will be at 11 AM and the funeral will be at 12 PM. 

Christian Ed Class. A reminder that our Adult Christian Education class begins in a few minutes at 5 PM tonight on the zoom line. Please join for a good fellowship and a good study of the word. Click to start or join a scheduled Zoom meeting

Clinic, Bowling, Praise. Please mark your calendar‘s for the weekend of August 26, 27, and 28. On the 26 we will have our next Covid Testing and Vaccination Clinic. The men are also planning our bowling outing for that weekend. On Sunday, August 28, we will have a Friends and Family Day and Praise in the Parking Lot. Our worship service that Sunday will be at 7132 W. Good Hope.  It will be outside. Stay tuned. 

I was blessed yesterday evening to spend some time with the Sikh community as they hosted the 10th Anniversary Memorial of the tragic shooting and killing of 7 at their temple in Oak Creek. Here are a few pictures.

In love and service,


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