Pastor’s Pen 10 Year!

10 Year Anniversary!


Tomorrow we will celebrate 10 years as pastor and congregation. I am humbled, overwhelmed, overjoyed, tearful, amazed, astonished (and so much more) at how the Lord does what he does in the marriage between pastor and congregation. Ten years have gone by so quickly. We have married, buried, laughed, cried, rejoiced, lamented, ate, cleaned, danced, laughed, praised, prayed, (and so much more) … and we have done it together.

In the beginning of the journey!

The Bible says that the Lord will give us shepherds after His own heart (Jeremiah 3:15). And we know, God’s heart is towards the people. Like any marriage, it is a journey of growth, exploration, learning, commitment, and recommitment (and so much more). But you can always rest assured in this, my heart and our hearts are towards you, God’s people—the Progressive Baptist flock. In this first decade of our journey together, the Lord has used me as a gardener with a gentle rake, some water, and some seed to work the soil of Progressive. We have accomplished so much during this decade. As the Lord allows another decade, I expect us to build and establish more structure for the present and future of our congregation.

Pastor & First Lady in the Word (Photo Minister Byron)

As you will see from some future articles from Sister Carolyn Parker and Minister Byron Johnson, the church has been blessed in the pandemic. In a decade when some churches have permanently closed their doors—particularly during the pandemic—we have been Progressive in our approach. We have grown spiritually, numerically, and across generations.

Pandemic Preaching (creative photo credit Minister Byron Johnson)

We have weathered the storm and are moving towards the future of Progressive while building on a firm foundation. To God be the glory for the great things he has done and to his people for being willing to follow His lead.

We love you and look forward to serving you, serving alongside you, and being a blessing to one another.

In love,

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