Pastor’s Pen 3-20-21


I pray you are well. We are now into the first day of spring which is a period of transition. We look forward to what will manifest along our Christian journey in this season. We are also two weeks away from recognizing the depths of betrayal, crucifixion and the glory of Resurrection. This is a part of the long Christian journey, the pace is accelerating, Christ is making his way back to Jerusalem knowing that crucifixion awaits him. Let us begin to focus our minds and spirits in this transitional season as we journey with the savior.


We certainly are surrounded buy a lot of death. Thankfully, deaths due to the coronavirus are on the decrease. Unfortunately, the spirit of Cain and hatred continues to loom over humankind. We mourn the loss of life for the workplace killing at the Roundy’s distribution center in Oconomowoc and an ethnic hate crime against our Asian brothers and sisters that killed eight in Atlanta, Georgia. We must live out our public love and hope so that people will know that there is a reason and substance to our faith and the God we serve.

I’m including some updates for you below including our emerging plans for a drive up Easter service.

My Uncle’s Progress

Thank you for your prayers for my uncle, Kahn Neville, in Buffalo. His aneurysm repair surgery was successful and as good as it could be. There was minimal invasion into the skull with the surgery. Please pray for his recovery.

The family that prays together stays together.

Reverend Stewart

Please continue to be in prayer for Reverend Stewart who suffered both a stroke and a fall in the recent weeks. He is currently in a rehabilitation facility. He can receive cards but not visitors at the following address:

  • Silver Spring Healthcare Center
  • 1300 W Silver Spring Drive
  • Glendale, WI 53209

Coronavirus & Vaccine Education – Sunday Night 7 pm

Dr. Tito Izard of the MLK Heritage Center will join us at our Churchwide Chat Sunday evening to share education and answer questions about the coronavirus vaccine. Please make sure to get on at 7 PM to learn and get questions answered.

Dr. Izard

Easter Sunday Drive Up Service

We are planning to host a drive up service on Easter Sunday. We are looking for a location that will accommodate all of our needs including parking, bathrooms, electricity and Wi-Fi. IT WILL NOT BE AT THE CHURCH. Please share the word and stay tuned for more information. We will be streaming it on zoom and Facebook as well for those who cannot make it.

Message from Woodard Family

Below is a message of thanksgiving from the Woodard family:

“Martin’s family wishes to thank you sincerely for your expressions of kindness in our time of sadness. Thank you so very much for your generosity, your love, and your support. Your sympathy, condolences and thoughtful words reached us in a moment of despair and lifted us and will helped us grieve the loss of our husband and father.

In his final directives, Martin stated, “If anyone asks how he wanted to be remembered, he wrote, “please say the following about me”, “Who when he came, and had seen the grace of God, was glad, and exhorted them all, that with purpose of heart they would cleave unto the Lord. “For he was a good man, and full of the Holy Spirit and of faith; and many people was added unto the Lord.” Acts 11:23-24.

We miss him in a way words cannot express. Please continue to pray for us.

“For his anger endure but a moment; in His favor is Life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” Psalm 30:5

Annie Woodard & Family”

Rev. Phillips and Rev. Woodard

Adult Sunday (Saturday School) at 5 pm

This is a reminder that there is the adult Sunday school\Saturday school lesson this evening at 5 PM on the regular prayer and Bible study line.

Church Calendar

Please be reminded also that when you are looking for church events and the zoom links, we will do our best to send them and emails and text however you can also go directly to the church website and pull the links up on the calendar there. Here is the link: (

Stay encouraged!


Bowling with the Brothers a Few Years Ago


  1. Thanks for the updates. Reverend Woodard’s final directives were so touching! I’m so glad I was able to benefit from his preaching and teaching. I’m glad I took notes too. To God be the glory!

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