from the pastor’s pen | Sunday School | MLK Day | Sis. Angie and Minister Byron in the New

Good afternoon family.

As always, I pray your peace and joy in the Lord as our city, nation and world navigate some of the most unusual and challenging of times.  We continue to see and hear of so much wickedness across the nation connected to wickedness we saw in Washington on January 6.  It is both a new and old wickedness and consistent with what we see described in 2 Timothy 3:1-7.  Let us remain in prayer for the hand of God to move effectively in these tumultuous times.  

I have a few quick announcements:

  • Adult Sunday/Saturday School.  Join the Adults this evening (Saturday) for their class at 5 pm.  Class will be on the regular prayer and chat line
  • MLK Day Programming.  I would like to do some MLK programming on Monday for the church.  If you are interested in helping me with some planning please email or text me at 414.690.2520.
  • In the News.  Our members, Sis. Angie Petersen and Minister Byron Johnson were together in the local newspaper.  Minister Johnson spoke at a Souls to the Polls social justice vigil and Sis. Angie was the photojournalist.  A picture is below and here is a link to the brief article. (Link to Journal Sentinel Article)

See you tomorrow in worship. We will be preaching from Matthew 3:1-12 looking at “Dr. King, John the Baptist and the Two Americas.”

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Love you all,


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