Watchnight 2020/2021


We will have Watchnight Service this evening at 10:30 pm.  You can join on zoom or on the call in line.  We will use the same line that we use for prayer, bible study, Sunday school and the churchwide chat.

Meeting ID: 455 529 9334 | Passcode: 12345

Watchnight – Partial Schedule

  • 10:30 pm Opening. We will open with gathering, songs of praise and video of praise. If you use zoom, you will be able to see all of the faces of everyone on zoom.
  • 11:00 pm Breakout Rooms|Fellowship. We will have time of fellowship. People will go into virtual breakout rooms and have a time to share about hopes for 2021.
  • 11:40 pm Message from Pastor
  • 11:55 pm Pray into the New Year
Old man winter is upon us!

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