Questions Compiled by/from/for Youth for Our Youth Revival and Summit 2018

Questions we’ve compiled from church and via social media:

1. Why can’t we chew gum in church if adults can?

2. Sometimes when we read the scripture at church – my bible says it differntly? Why don’t churches read out the same bible? What bible should we have?

3. I got in trouble for going to the bathroom when the preacher was preaching. Is there a rule that says you can’t walk when a preacher is preaching? What if you really have to go?

4. If you sin – are you suppossed to tell the whole church what you did? Does the church have to forgive you even if God already forgave you?

5. If you don’t get baptized does that mean you won’t go to heaven?

6. What if someone you love dies – but you know they didn’t go to church – does that mean you’ll never see them again?

7. Does the bible say anything about obeying your parents even if they are not good to you?

8. Sometimes I cry at church for no reason because I am having such a good time listening to the songs. I don’t feel sad but I keep crying. What does that mean?

9. Is there a scripture that talks about being afraid of God? Sometimes I’m afraid of God. It seems like you can go to hell for a lot of stuff.

10. What should you do if you feel forced to go to church but you are not really sure if you believe everything that is said at church?

11. What is a good scripture to remember?

12. How old do you have to be to get saved?

13. How come people that go to church are not always nice? There are some mean people at church sometimes. For example, they don’t say hi and they always telling you what to do. They just don’t seem like Christians.

14. Does Jesus listen to prayers of little kids?

15. If you miss church on Sunday – is that a sin?

16. What does the bible say about dating?

17. Why does God let bad things happen to families? My dad is in jail and we don’t live with my mom. It doesn’t seem like God loves me all the time.

18. What kind of things can kids do at church besides the choir? I don’t sing too good and I don’t want to up there all day.

19. Do preachers and pastors ever talk to kids who have questions outside of church? I don’t want to talk about stuff in front of everybody. It’s personal.

20. I want to know more about the bible – like the chapters and books. Do you read it like from beginning to end? Seems like that might take a long time.

21. To be a preacher does not mean that you never sin or do bad stuff?

22. Does the bible say we can’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

23. Does the bible say you can’t be gay?

24. Sometimes it is hard to forgive people that hurt you. What does the bible say you should do? Cause it seems impossible for me right now.

25. I don’t always feel good about myself. Like not pretty like other girls. Is it wrong to pray to feel pretty?

26. My grandmother says that facebook is evil. Does it say that in the bible or is she making it up?

27. I like music that is not just church music. Is that bad?

28. My uncle is a pastor and he drinks beer on the weekends. I think that is bad. Is that bad?

29. Is it true that you can’t wear pants to church? Even if it’s cold. I’m talking about for girls.

30. I have friends that smoke weed and do all kinds of stuff that is not right. Should I not be their friend?

31. We used to go to a different church. And then all of a suddent we stopped. Now we go to a new church. Is that bad? Seems like we don’t talk to the people at the other church and some of them were my best friends.

32. Why are there no fun things to do for kids at church?

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