Progressive Baptist Church – Quick Update

July 30, 2018

Good afternoon all,

I pray you are well. A few reminders for this week:

Prayer, Testimony and Healing Services

We will be hosting our quarterly prayer, healing and testimony services on Wednesday at 12:00 and 6:45. Please join us as we join our hearts in prayer and praise to the Lord.

Rosetta May Homegoing

Sis. Rosetta May’s Homegoing Service will be on this Friday, August 3rd at Progressive. Viewing and visitation will be at 10:00 am. The service will be at 11:00 am. Keep her family, particularly her daughter Kendra Green, in prayer.

Book Reading

As I mentioned in worship yesterday, I am currently reading Dr. King’s book, Stride Towards Freedom. If you are interested in participating in church wide reading and discussion of this book, please email me and let me know.

Sermon Points (Matthew 19:27; Exodus 3:1-6)

We praise God for the message yesterday through Minister Nichole. The sermon from was entitled “What Are You Willing to Give Up?” and raised the following three points:

• God knew Moses by name and had specific things for Moses to do. It is the same for us.

• God is calling us to get closer to him. The closer we are to God, the more we concern ourselves with his will, his word and his way.

• God is asking us to “take off some stuff.” This is Holy Ground. Somethings don’t fit into the calling he has for us. What are we willing to take off, forsake and get rid of to walk on Holy Ground?

Progressive Vision and Mission

A teaching, learning and loving community of faith that engages in works of service inside and outside the church walls.

Equipping God’s People, Building God’s Church, Advancing God’s Kingdom

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