Updated with Link to Sermon : Rev. Stewart, Worship, Anniversary

Youth Visit Rev. Stewart

Pray you are well,

The youth took their hearts and voices to share some time with Rev. Stewart on Saturday. They sang three songs and all spirits were lifted. To God be the glory!

Two Nights of Revival & Anniverary

We praise God for two beautiful nights of revival. Minister Nichole preached “The Message, The Murmuring, The Mentoring, and Moving Forward,” and Minister Green preached “Wait on the Lord.” Beautiful worship and praise as we continue in his season of transition. We eagerly anticipate the word from our sister and friend, Pastor Roxanne Cardenas, for Sunday’s 11th Pastoral Anniversary.

Pastor Roxanne Cardenas

Link to Sermon :


Worship Sign On

No Churchwide Chat

Our next Churchwide Chat will be next Sunday, October 16 at 6:30 pm

Midtown Meetup

On Sunday, October 30th, following worship service, we will be going to early vote together at Midtown. For those who want to ride, we will make the church van available. Let us do our civic duty and exercise our right and power!

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