From the Pastor’s Pen 2/20/21


As always, I pray God’s peace and joy rest on you, your household, and your family along the journey. We are thankful for the beauty of the day and do not take if for granted.

Grieving and Loss. I am saddened to report that one of our elders, Deacon Donald Foster succumbed to illness and passed from this life to eternal life yesterday evening. It was only 4 months ago in September when his wife and and our sister in Christ, Deaconess Velma Foster, passed from this life to eternal life. Continue to keep the entire families in your prayers as they are grieving mightily.

Also, in addition to announcements earlier this week, Sis. Lareesha Miller, Mickai and Mackenzie Miller lost their father this week and today Karina Curry participates in the funeral of her cousin, Bunchie today.

Please remember to join the Adult Sunday School today Saturday at 5 pm and worship and churchwide chat tomorrow at 10 am and 7 pm.

In love,



  1. Condolences to the Foster family.
    I will miss deacon Foster smiling face. May he have peace and rest in God’s hand.

  2. This is a loss of a wonderful man and woman in Christ. Deacon Foster was so nice… Loved hearing him sing during devotion. Always felt like he was singing to God, and God alone… Bless his beautiful soul. He’s back with his girlfriend Sister Velma. Rest in power…

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