From the Pastor’s Pen 11/14/20

Celebrating 32 years of Ministry

Family, tomorrow we will celebrate 32 years of faithful ministry in church and community—to God be the glory!

I honor our all the trailblazers including Rev. Drs. Betty and Rolen Womack, Sis. Sheila Felder, Dea. John Ware and those who are with the Lord, Bobby Felder, Shirley Ware, Halton Washington, Sr., Annie Washington and Virginia Washington. In the same way we build on the trailblazing done by Moses and Joshua in seeking new territory and new testimony, we build on the work and fortitude of those who came before us.

Coronavirus Pandemic

I believe one of the most important things I have done in my many years of leadership is to listen to God and direct us during this pandemic. I have shed many tears because I could see that so many would not take this virus seriously. Jeremiah preached the same message to people year after year after year; he wept because the people would not hear from God. I am thankful that Progressive has heard and operated in both faith as wisdom as we agreed and taught in March of this year

Regrettably, both the state and that nation have failed to heed warning. Every day, Wisconsin is on the national news for being one of the hottest hot spots in the country. Locally and nationally, we are settling daily records for infections and death. In Luke 19:41, Jesus wept over the city of Jerusalem because they would not receive him. Let us weep and pray over our city, state and nation that wisdom would replace foolishness, arrogance and division. We pray for all families affected by the coronavirus and pray God bring a change. Continue to be diligent in washing hands, wearing masks and practicing physical distancing that we might live.

The family that prays together stays together!

Please continue in pray for those how have passed, those who have survived and those who are in the midst.

We remember our own Robert Johnson who passed as a result of the coronavirus and we thank God for those who have survived. This is a very long but important article from the The Atlantic that talks about how nobody is listening to the health care workers, how weary they are and how we are failing in this moment

Veterans Day

Happy belated Veterans Day to all of our veterans in the congregation. We have many veteran and military families and we thank you for your service. Because of the beauty of social media, I was able to find some public pictures of a few of our vets. Enjoy! (I hope they will forgive me 😎)

Calendar of Events

We continue to have the same calendar of upcoming events that can be found on our website’s ( calendar including:

Saturday 5 pm. Adult Sunday School

Sunday Worship

  • Saturday 5 pm – Adult Sunday School
  • Sunday Worship
  • Sunday 7 pm Churchwide chat
  • Prayer Line. Monday through Saturday 5 am, 8 am, 8 pm
  • Midweek Message – Wednesdays at Noon

Please get connected!

In love,

Pastor 414.690.2520,

Straight Out of God’s Word (obviously from months ago)

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