from the Pastor’s Pen 4/22/20. God is!

Good morning family,

I pray you are well. 

Bible Study. We have Bible Study today on Revelation Chapter 5, the outline can be found here ( You can join the Bible Study by Zoom or telephone call by following the information below:

Today’s Meditation/Reflection. For a meditation today, reflect on what God is. What is God to you?  Who do you say God is?  Who does the Bible say God is?  Before you reflection on this question, please watch the video of this song, God Is, by James Cleveland (

Video of Sunday Worship.  We have recorded our Sunday worship services.  If you would like to get a copy of the video, let me know.  Otherwise, we will post it on the website this week.

God bless,


This is a mental health resource from one of our community partners. Please let me know how we can be a support.

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