Revelation 3:14-22

In this lesson we meet a church that had closed the door in the face of her Lord. It was an affluent church, but it was lukewarm and only half- committed.


Some things happen so slowly we don’t recognize the changes. The last of the seven churches to receive a letter from Christ through John epitomizes a church that has lived without Christ so long they haven’t even noticed His absence. He was standing at the door knocking, to be allowed back in.

I. The Diagnosis of the Church

A. The Laodicean Church Is a Compromising Church

B The Laodicean Church is a Conceited Church

C The Laodicean Church is a Christless Church

II. The Counsel to the last Age Church

A. Prescription Number One: For Spiritual Compromise

B. Prescription Number Two: For Spiritual Poverty

C. Prescription Number Three: For Spiritual Nakedness

D. Prescription Number Four: For Spiritual Blindness

E. Prescription Number Five: For their Christlessness

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