Happy Thanksgiving and Ministry Leader Updates

Happy Thanksgiving & Ministry Leader Updates

November 23, 2018
Good evening Ministry Leaders, I wish greetings of peace and joy as we give thanks to the Lord for our journey. It has been a blessed year for our Progressive family as we have celebrated our journey together—both 30 years of ministry for Progressive and 7 years of my pastoral ministry.
To God be the Glory!

Ministry Fair and Business Meeting 12/8 and 12/9

On Saturday December 8th and Sunday December 9th, we will host our regular Annual Business Meeting and our first Ministry Fair under my leadership. The Ministry Fair will be a new opportunity for each of the ministries (1) to have a table and share the ministry with members, and (2) to recruit volunteers. Members will be encouraged to come and learn about the many opportunities for Christian service, to spend time visiting the displays with an open heart asking how God might direct them regarding participation. This shift will also provide more time to discuss the budget and vision in the Saturday Business Meeting.

Equipping,Building and Advancing

As you reflect on your ministry’s goals for the year, keep in mind the mission of “Equipping God’s People, Building God’s Church and Advancing God’s Kingdom.”
  • Equipping God’s People is about the ministry of education and equipping our members through bible studies, Sunday School, sermons, workshops, book clubs, etc. It asks “how can we learn and grow as maturing Christians in the Lord?”
  • Building God’s Church is about strengthening the processes, operations and work that occurs amongst our people at 8324 W. Keefe. It asks, “how can we strengthen our processes and programming at the church?”
  • Advancing God’s Kingdom is about the work that we do outside the walls of the church. It is about the world we do any community and “outside the gates of the temple” and asks “how can we be of Christian service in our community?”

Celebrating our Anniversary

Again, I celebrate the entire church body and the planning team on a beautiful time of celebrating 30 years of faithful ministry. Especially as we see some churches in decline, it is a rich blessing for us to have celebrated 30 years as a family and to enjoy the building of community from one generation to the next.

Pictures and Video Clips

Go to this link to enjoy some pictures and clips from our celebration:
God’s peace and blessings to you all!
In love,

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