From the Pastor’s Pen 8/11/17 

Progressive Family,
I pray you are well. We enjoyed our time in worship this past Sunday. Sunday’s continued to focus on the journey of Joseph from boyhood to manhood in Genesis chapter 39 and were reminded that we must “Pursue: Pursue God’s Presence, Pursue God’s Power, and Pursue God’s Purpose.” Joseph, like almost all of us came through some family dysfunction, division, false accusations, and even hatred. Joseph had real world challenges and burdens. What this narrative repeatedly highlights on Joseph’s journey is God’s presence with him (“and God was with Joseph . . . But God was with Joseph…”). These words are very clear. In addition to God’s presence, we also see God’s power in his life, and God’s purpose for Joseph. We can learn from the Joseph’s challenges and the work of God in his life. When you find yourself lagging, down or in a heavy place, remember to pursue these things in your life. Pursue God’s presence in your life. Pursue God’s power. And, pursue God’s purpose for your life.  
Church Cookout. Remember to join us for our church picnic this Saturday, August 12 at 12:00 at Coopers Park. Coopers Park is at 8701 W. Chambers Street. There will be food, fun, games for all ages and fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Join us!  

Community Opportunities. As you know, our community is rich with opportunities to serve. In the future, I will be sharing specific opportunities and asking for our support. I would like PBC to support with our time and our presence. One such opportunity relates to human trafficking, which is very prevalent in Milwaukee. A young lady in the city named Bianca Williams who came out of the life is on the ground every day providing resources, space and support for victims of human trafficking. She is in need of the following resources on a regular basis to support human trafficking victims (see picture below). Let me know how you can support.

See you tomorrow!

In love, 

PS Please join me in celebrating First Lady, Minister Nichole’s birthday today 8/11/17.

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